The Witch-Doctor

Status Quo

April 7, 2020

A Quarantine Special / 10k download milestone bonus episode. 

“Status-Quo” is a stand-alone short story, in which a young man is haunted by his unclear crimes and the immanent arrival of a parole officer who is not of this world. Pursuing a theme of “cosmic-authority-horror”.

Written & narrated by Equanimous Rex. 

Audio mastered by James Curcio. 

Music provided by Equanimous Rex, and by P. Emerson Williams of PANICMACHINE. You can find more PANICMACHINE at

Season Two of The Witch-Doctor is currently in the works with over 20k words of rough draft material, and more to come. After some editing, I'll start recording and hope to get it out sometime soon this year. 

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