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Lilith Origins: Dark Passenger

August 16, 2019

The Witch-Doctor Presents...

Lilith Origins: Dark Passenger

A limited run podcast microseries, set within the Fallen Cycle mythos. 

Written and Narrated by James Curcio

Warning: This episode contains adult themes, disturbing imagery, rampant megalomania, unreliable narrators, and the spiral of violence that accompanies the dehumanization of others when coupled with mad, amoral science, and even worse, the realm of ideas. 

In this microseries we bring you another installment in the Fallen Cycle mythos, an exclusive reading of Lilith Origins: Dark Passenger. This story can stand on its own, but if you’re wondering how it ties together with everything else we’ve been doing here, I recommend you check out Party At The World’s End, a novel written by James Curcio.

You can find more information at Party At The World's End on, along with all other Fallen Cycle projects. 

Listener discretion is advised.

The music in this episode was created by James Curcio, P. Emerson Williams, Scott Landes, Sean Marz and Johan Ess.

If you liked what you heard, you can find more at The Fallen Cycle bandcamp at, P. Emerson William's Panic Machine at, or Johan Ess's bandcamp at

Special thanks for providing synth elements as well as audio mastering to Johan Ess.




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